Odelen and his decitful son

     Once upon a time in land called Velluce, there lived a wealthy man named Odelen.  He had two children named Gandalf and Helmes.  Gandalf  had always been Odelen’s favorite for he was smarter and stronger and Helmes was very deceitful.  No one knew exept for his sons that Odelen was the son of  a God named Andella who was god of strength, power, and  stealth.  As Odelen aged and his sons matured he decided it was time to pass on his powers to his eldest son as custom.  When Helmes found out Gandalf was going to get the powers he was enraged.  The day before Gandalf was to receive his powers Helmes told Gandalf that there father wanted him to go into town and buy great food for the occasion.  When Gandalf retured with the food he found his father dead and his brother gone and the powers missing.  Gandalf felt a strong hatred of his brother and wanted the powers for himself and his brother dead.  The next day Gandalf went looking for Helmes and found him after along time of looking but by now many people heard of the powers and wanted them badly.  On the day Gandalf found Helmes he was asleep in a cave and he killed him and took the powers.  when he got back to town he bragged of his defeat of Helmes and of his owning the powers.  That night he was killed by a greedy man named Neos looking for power. later that night Neos was  killed and the powers were stolen.  This happened many times and is the reason there is much greed and stealing in the world today.

digital footprint

I have a facebook but no personal information on it and only a few pictures.  I have a gmail account also but i only got it to make a facebook account.  When  I searched my name on the internet no pictures came up of me and no link to my facebook.  As of right now, I don’t have much of a digital footprint.  🙂

Approx. $700 million in pies  are sold in grocery stores every year. This does not include restaurants, food service or price clubs, only grocery stores. If you lined up the number of pies sold at U.S. grocery stores in one year, they would circle the globe and then some.

               I think the reason that the poem became the title of the movie is  because the poem showed courage and that no matter what people do to you, you always can beleive what you think.

modern hero

A hero is someone who does something for good for others.  I think a modern day hero are soldiers.  They fight for our freedom so we can enjoy it.  If it wern’t for our soldiers we could be in turmoil and have no freedom and nothing to live for.  Soldiers are not always recognized as heros, but if it wern’t for them we would be nothing.  Our contry could not have started if we didn’t win the Revolutionary war.  If it wern’t for our soldiers, we would have lost many wars like the world wars and world would be alot worse. 

quality of a leader

     COURAGE   the ability to fight through and not give up on any situation

     RESPECT    never put down people even if they deserve it; follow the code of chivalry

     MERCY/ KINDNESS  be kind to his enimies and the poor and forgive those who wrong you. 

     LOVE    love all equaly and do for the good of his country

Mandela vs King

there are many similarities between Kings speech and Mandelas speech. they were both fighting for there freedom and for others (Africans).  In Mandela’s speech “Long walk to Freedom,” he expresses his feeling about the government and how it affected him as well as the people, “…a deep and lasting wound in my country and my people.”  In Kings speech he expresses the need for freedom among all.  He also tells how the government gave a “false check” for freedom and that they deserve it.  In both cases th white government would not give the Africans the freedom they deserve.  differences in the two  include the place were it happpened (the US and south Africa) and what happened (King dilled and Mandela put a prison.)